A Brief Update

I)  Last night Mary Beth and I finished putting the sheet rock up in the new pantry.  We also began the taping and mudding process.  We taped up three joints (I’m sure we could have done more last night) and are letting it dry for the second coat.  Here’s to hoping that it will turn out nice and smooth when it comes time to sand.  I am hopeful as we have already avoided the first pitfall of applying joint compound tape…bubbles.

II)  Today I met with my major professor for the ThM I am currently pursuing.  Dr. Black went ahead and gave approval for me to start work on 7500 Bibliographical Research.  This course, to some, might seem rather daunting and tedious.  It is composed of three major sections:

1) An annotated bibliography on all major “textbook” or “survey” resources in the Seminary Library in the major field.

2) A brief annotated list of Library holdings of relevant journals or other periodical literature in the major field.

3)  A highly specialized annotated bibliography of perhaps 25–30 sources by topic as assigned.

A total of around 150-175 sources will need to be reviewed and annotated.  What better way to know the resources available in one’s field of study and be familiar with the content!

In summary, wish me luck as I drop a job in order to take on 7500 Bibliographical Research, installing grass, tending the garden, creating a pantry, speaking to a youth group at a retreat, vacationing with the wife, and keeping up a tidy home!

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