Feuerbach on the Providence of God

I found this quote to be both insightful and incisive :

Creation out of nothing, as identical with miracle, is one with Providence; for the idea of Providence–originally, in its true religious significance, in which it is not yet infringed upon and limited by the unbelieving understanding–is one with the idea of miracle.  The proof of Providence is miracle.  Belief in Providence is belief in a power to which all things stand at command to be used according to its pleasure, in opposition to which all the power of reality is nothing.  Providence cancels the laws of Nature; it interrupts the course of necessity, the iron bond which inevitably binds effects to causes; in short, it is the same unlimited all-powerful will, that called the world into existence out of nothing.  Miracle is a “creatio ex nihilo.”  He who turns water into wine, makes wine out of nothing, for the constituents of wine are not found in water; otherwise, the production of wine would not be a miraculous, but a natural act.  The only attestation, the only proof of Providence is miracle.  Thus Providence is an expression of the same idea as creation out of nothing.  Creation out of nothing can only be understood and explained in connexion with Providence; for miracle properly implies nothing more than that the miracle worker is the same as he who brought forth all things by his mere will–God the creator.

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