G.K. Beale: Storyline of the Testaments

I just came across this excellent quote from Beale in “A New Testament Biblical Theology.”  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

The storyline proposed above is my attempt to do this respectively for the OT and then for the NT.  It is especcially based on Gen. 1-3, where one observes a priest-king ruling over an original creation to reflect God’s glory, and then subsequent OT history is a process of rebuilding toward a recapitulation of the primeval creational kingdom, as I argued in earlier chapters of this book.  We also noted earlier that the book of Revelation concludes with a vision of a restored eschatological Eden and a new creation in which kingly conquerors will dwell.  Thus, the process of working toward a restoration of the first creational kingdom in the OT is consummated in the NT.  Accordingly, the canon has an inclusio: it begins with a prestine creation over which a priest-king rules for God’s glory and ends with a new-creational kingdom where a priest-king rules with his followers (who are subordinate kings and priests) for God’s glory.  The storyline with the key components of reestablishing a new-creational kingdom for God’s glory is crucial to both Testaments (167-8).

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