Yesterday after work, Mary Beth and I dropped into Lowes in order to pick up our first ever charcoal grill.  The gas grill that was given to us was no longer cutting it.  The food always came out tasting like it had been cooked with gas, the flame was not dispersed but only cooked the food in one place, and there was virtually no way to control the heat.

I took home our new Weber grill, assembled it, built up the charcoal, added some mesquite chips, and began grilling hamburgers and bratwurst.  The final result?  Absolute deliciousness.  I know that it takes more time to grill, and it requires a significant amount of upkeep; but I will never go back to the gas grill.  MB says that she isn’t cooking for a month.  I fear that she isn’t kidding.

My second major project I undertook was to repair my computer.  About a week ago the “2,” “~,” and “tab” keys went out.  I wanted to find out why these keys weren’t working and all the rest were working just fine.  This is no easy task on a unibody MacBook Pro.  In order to get to the keyboard, one must remove the following: battery, hard-drive, dvd drive, fan, and the biggest piece…the logic board.  For those of you that don’t know what you are looking at…everything you see in this picture needed to be removed.  It was a partial success.  I was able to eventually take everything apart until nothing was left but a metal shell.  When I finally got to the keyboard, I found that it was filled with dog hair and crumbs.  I cleaned it out, but found no damage that was unique to those particular keys.   Where, then, is the success?  Well, I was able to put the entire machine back together.  I wasn’t missing any screws and there were no screws left over.  The biggest success is the fact that I am currently typing on a computer that I completely disassembled.  Still no “2,” “~,” or “tab” though. But that isn’t a huge problem as I have a bluetooth enabled keyboard!

Now, I believe that it is time to read some more of G.K. Beale’s wonderful Biblical Theology!

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