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A. T. Robertson on the Movable ν

I am currently reading through A.T. Robertson’s tome on Greek Grammar and came across this particularly humorous quote: The older N.T. manuscripts are in are in harmony with the κοινή and have the movable ν and ς both before consonants … Continue reading

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End of the Semester

The time has finally come. The semester has ended. The last paper had been written. The last final has been submitted. I’m not sure how I feel right now. Was it the year I took off from school that made … Continue reading

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Biblical Greek and the Local Church

Many of my friends have read this blog over the past week and have suffered through a number of posts on biblical Greek. I hope I haven’t scared you away from furthering your knowledge of biblical Greek or your desire … Continue reading

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SBL Chicago in Hindsight: A Student’s Perspective

SBL Chicago was quite the experience. I was able to go back to the city where it all started. In 2004 I set out from my parent’s home in North Carolina in order to attend Moody Bible Institute. At the … Continue reading

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We’ve Killed Deponency! Where Next?

For many of you, the title of this post will likely make you turn tail and run to another site in order to kill time before vacation starts. I wouldn’t blame you. After all, what is deponency and why should … Continue reading

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Where to Set the Bar in Biblical Languages

Yesterday evening I sat in on the Applied Linguistics for Biblical Languages Seminar. The Q&A panel addressed where to set the bar for biblical languages. I was thrilled to know a conversation was taking place advocating higher standards. But what … Continue reading

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Making Some Progress

1) I have finished the first two lessons (illustrations and all) of my Ephesians series for the youth this week.  I have one more lesson to complete.  Hopefully I will be able to knock that out this morning/afternoon as well … Continue reading

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