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Touched By A Leper

Yesterday I began reading Mark’s Gospel, and I was struck by how he recounts Jesus’ act of healing the leper in 1:40-44. Mark writes: And a leper came to him, imploring him, and kneeling said to him, ‘If you will, … Continue reading

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Matthew 25:32-46

As I was doing my daily Greek reading I came across this parable. The style in which it has been presented was of particular interest to me. The parable is framed in verses 32-33: “And all the nations were gathered … Continue reading

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The Baptism of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel

I just received word that my paper, The Baptism of Jesus and the Fulfillment of All Righteousness: An Exploration of Jesus’ Relationship to Israel in Matthew 3:13-17, has been accepted for presentation (publication) at this year’s regional meeting of the Evangelical Theological … Continue reading

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January: Progress Through GNT and Vulgate

January has come and gone; a month of twelve has passed away in this new year.  As of today, I have finished translating up through Matthew 23 in both the Greek New Testament and the Latin Vulgate.  Quite a few … Continue reading

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Greek NT Reading Calendar 2012

Over at “The Upper Register” Lee Irons has provided a Greek reading calendar for 2012.  He provides two options: read through the NT in one year or in two years.  He has divided the daily passages up into content-based sections. I … Continue reading

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Word of the Day

νομοθέτης, today’s Greek word of the day, comes from Philo’s de mundi opificio (If I am not mistaken, the translation being “Concerning the Creation of the World”). νομοθέτης is made up of two words: νόμος “law” and τίθημι “to give.”  Μωυσῆς … Continue reading

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