January: Progress Through GNT and Vulgate

January has come and gone; a month of twelve has passed away in this new year.  As of today, I have finished translating up through Matthew 23 in both the Greek New Testament and the Latin Vulgate.  Quite a few things have come out of my study of Matthew:

  1. A renewed interest in Matthew’s portrayal of the baptism of Jesus.
  2. A lesson in humility (see Are You Childlike?)
  3. I did a Latin Experiment where I found that a negotiating man sold all he had in search of a good margarita (this was based on the fallacy where some preachers/teachers recognize similarities between the word he is translating and a word in his own vocabulary.  Instead of translating the word, he opts to adopt the nuance associated with the word in his own vocabulary).

Here is to praying that I will continue to learn and be convicted as I finished Matthew and move on to Mark.

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