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My Breakfast Nook

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I went on a bit of a Greek resources rampage. In good historic fashion, however, Romans have conquered the Greeks. I don’t think that this was what Mary Beth had in mind when she told … Continue reading

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Rabanus Maurus on Esther 1:1-6

Rabanus Maurus was a Benedictine monk, the archbishop of Mainz, and a theologian living during the 8th and 9th century. His comments on the text of Esther, along with those of Nicolas of Lyra, comprise the majority of the material … Continue reading

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I apologize to my faithful readers. I haven’t had much time to blog recently. Sometimes that means that I haven’t been very productive. That is not the case this semester. I have been busy working away on countless projects (personal, … Continue reading

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Christian hymns and literature make mention of Calvary.  We know Calvary as the place where Christ was crucified.  I may be showing my ignorance here, but I always thought of the word simply as a proper noun…simply put, the name … Continue reading

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