Logos 7 Is Here

Twitter_440x220_ProfThe long wait is over. Logos 7 has arrived. At 8:00AM PT, Logos will be hosting a live event to walk you through some of the new innovations, benefits of the Logos 7 platform, and more. I’m thrilled to see the work I’ve helped put into this product—tutorials, the systematic theologies interactive and dataset, and some contributions to the Clementine Vulgate revers interlinear— finally released. I’m also thrilled about adding more books to me library. I hope you’re excited as well!

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4 Responses to Logos 7 Is Here

  1. Tom says:


    What would you say is the single best feature they’ve added to Logos 7 over Logos 6? I still wish they would make clause searching in the original languages easier.

    • jacobcerone says:


      I don’t know if there is a single best feature that I can identify for you. I can, however, tell you which features I use every day now and which features I’m excited about for personal reasons.

      Features I use every day:

        Multi-View Resources
        Homepage Layouts
        Corresponding Words VF

      Features I am excited about:

        Sermon Editor
        Systematic Theologies
        New Testament Use of the Old Testament
        Courses Tool
        Clementine Vulgate Reverse Interlinear


        Biblical Manuscripts Interactive

      If you watch the Logos pro videos at logos.com/logos-pro for the features I use every day, you will get a good sense of my workflow and why I love those features—after all, I wrote the scripts and recorded the videos for those features!

      I’m excited for the others for various reasons. When I start preaching again, I will thoroughly integrate Sermon Editor into my preparation.

      I love that we are starting to support the theologies, and I got to help create the data for the sys theo dataset. The NT Use of the OT is always important and the fact that it incorporates both the original languages and corresponding words is just priceless.

      The Courses Tool brings smart, structured learning to Logos. Reading plans were create, but they were a pain to create if you wanted the “smart” aspect to it.

      Finally, Biblical Manuscripts Interactive gives users a great introduction to the important field of textual criticism.

      Hope that helps!

  2. I missed the live event. Is there a recording I can watch somewhere?

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