QOTD: Tertullian on Hallowing God’s Name

31324I recently picked up a Logos package that includes Alistair Stewart-Sykes’ translation of Tertullian, Cyrian & Origen’s expositions on the Lord’s Prayer. I decided to take it up as a devotional, pleasure read, and I came across Tertullian’s comment on the words “let your name be hallowed”

As regarding our own request, when we say: “Let your name be hallowed,” we ask that it be hallowed among us who are in him and, at the same time, in others whom the grace of God still awaits, so that we should be obedient to the command to pray for all, even for our enemies (Mt 5:44). Consequently, as a result of this terse expression, we do not say “Let it be hallowed in us,” but manage to say: “in all people.”

This is a healthy reminder that when we pray, we should pray that God not only work in and through us but in and through our world so that his will and not ours be accomplished.

You can pick up the volume from Amazon or from Logos.

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