T&T Clark Companion to the Septuagint

55836Logos now has T&T Clark’s Companion to the Septuagint up on Pre-pub for only $26.99 (it retails at over $170). I’d advise you to pick this up quick.

I’ve been looking forward to getting this for a while and I’m glade it’s finally affordable. I love Dines’ work on the Twelve and am excited about exploring the other essays.

[[Edit: If you’re wondering why I’m excited about this volume, here are a few brief reasons.

The Companion functions as an excellent introduction to each of the books of the Old Greek of the Old Testament, including a discussion on text-transmission, textual witnesses, translation technique, unique theological views as evidenced in the translation, and the literary characteristics of the translation. If you have already read Jobes and Silva and want to dig into a specific book of the LXX, this is the place to start. It will also give you a substantial up-to-date bibliography of resources that discuss that book of the OG OT.]]

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