Old School Script and Linguistics

Now that I have a couple extra moments of free time, I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to one of my favorite biblioblogs: Old School Script. The authors of the blog are Kris Lyle (BA in Biblical Languages and Sociology Houston Bible College, MA in Biblical Languages Stellenbosch University, and Content Innovator at Logos Bible Software (aka Faithlife Corporation) and Chris Fresch (PhD candidate at Cambridge University).

Old School Script is on a mission to bring the complex field of linguistics to biblical studies in a way that is approachable and understandable for those trying to keep their feet in biblical studies while gleaning from and putting into use the findings of modern linguistics.

I encourage you to check out the two most recent posts at Old School Script entitled The hardships of Biblical Scholar’dom (or, Beware the buzzwords, my son!) and Greek Linguistic Historigraphy, O my! I think you will find both of these posts enlightening and encouraging for those of you that want resources that will help you better understand linguistics and how the field intersects with biblical studies. If you like what you see, become a regular reader. I assure you, if biblical languages are your thing (or just biblical interpretation for that matter), you’ll be glad you did.

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