Artist Point at Mount Baker

Today, the Cerones went to Mount Baker and saw the gorgeous view there. Here are the pictures from our adventure:


A shot of us all together


Here we are before the hike


Looks like it might make for a good climbing wall…for someone who isn’t me.=


Several little ponds of water at the top of the mountain


Mary Beth and Elijah just chilling out


IMG_4918IMG_4882 IMG_4629

Of the mountain itself, I think I like the last two pictures the best. You get to see it reflected in the pond. If I’m honest, I would admit that the very last picture was taken my father…but we’ll just keep that a secret.

All in all, I think it was a rather successful trip. The first time we went up to Mount Baker—it was only about a month after being in Bellingham—there was snow everywhere. As a matter of fact, we couldn’t even get up to Artist Point because it was closed off. I’m glad we got to see it this time because the view was incredible. The pictures only tell a part of the story.

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