Latin QOTD: Augustine

et quis locus est in me, quo veniat in me deus meus ? quo deus veniat in me, deus, qui fecit caelum et terram? itane, domine deus meus, est quicquam in me, quod capiat te? an vero caelum et terra, quae fecisti et in quibus me fecisti, capiunt te ?

-Augustini Confessionum Liber 1.2

And what place is there in wherein my God might dwell in me? wherein God might dwell in me, God, who made the heaven and the earth? Is it so, my Lord, is there anything in me that might contain you? Truly, are heaven and earth, which you have created and in which you have created me, able to contain you?

-Augustine, Confessions, Book 1.2

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