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Dr. Tommy Wasserman on PA

Dr. Tommy Wasserman begins his session. He is a world class Textual Critic, and I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say. Dr. Wasserman begins by noting the division over the inclusion of PA. He humorously notes that two of … Continue reading

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Dr. Punch on the PA

Dr. Punch’s lecture is divided into 3 parts: Context Grammar and Syntax External Evidence (textual and patristic) In the context section, Dr. Punch makes a number of connections within the overall context of John demonstrating that the content of the … Continue reading

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PA Introduction

The conference is underway. Dr. Black is currently introducing the conference. This is another in a long series of Textual Critical conferences that addresses controversial subjects in the field. There was the conference on the long ending of Mark, various … Continue reading

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Ethiopian Food

Last month when I was in Baltimore, I went out with the gang for Ethiopian. I made sure that Mary Beth knew about it so that I might incite in her a bit of jealousy. I didn’t want to make … Continue reading

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Pericope Adulterae

Here’s a quick reminder about the Pericope Adulterae conference being held at SEBTS this weekend. I hope to see you there. Whether or not you are able to make it, keep you eyes tuned to social media. We will be … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Ælfric’s Colloqu

Here’s a fun little passage on learning. Enjoy. Nos pueri rogamus te, magister, ut doceas nos loqui latialiter recte, quia idiote sumus et corrupte loquimur. Quid uultis loqui? Quid curamus quid loquamur, nisi recta locutio sit et utilis, non anilis … Continue reading

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