Ethiopian Food

Last month when I was in Baltimore, I went out with the gang for Ethiopian. I made sure that Mary Beth knew about it so that I might incite in her a bit of jealousy. I didn’t want to make her jealous in the, I have but you have not sort of way. I wanted to ensure that she would remind me numerous times before we leave NC to go out for Ethiopian food.

This evening we did just that. We went out to eat at Ashee in Cary, NC. Mary Beth and I split the Keyi Tibs Wot (beef stew) and the Yebeg Alicha (Goat/Lamb stew).

photo 1


photo 2



Do you think I liked it? You bet! Becky Black wrote in her autobiography:

An absolute favorite time at Bingham was Friday suppers, when the meal was served outside: all-you-can eat enjera b‘ wot, the national food of Ethiopia. I would get my food, move only a short distance away, eat, and be back for seconds before anyone else could turn around!”

That is exactly how I feel every time I have Ethiopian. I can’t slow down. It doesn’t take long after the meal is over for me to start again.

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