Two and a Half Weeks and Counting

Well, the time to move is quickly approaching. Mary Beth and I have about two and a half weeks left here in Holly Springs, NC. Things are starting to fall into place. We found an apartment in Bellingham, hired a nanny, put everything we aren’t taking into storage, installed a trailer hitch, changed our mailing address, painted the house, cleaned the carpets, and found a renter.

Yep, you heard me right. We have a renter to move into our house while we are away in Bellingham. Once all the paperwork is signed, it will be locked into place! This is quite the blessing. Now we won’t have to float a mortgage while paying for rent in Washington!

So…what’s left? Well, I’ve started power washing the house. Here’s a look at what the back of the house looked like before I started:

photo 1 (1)

Elijah loved watching daddy power wash. Here he is getting dinner and a show all at once:


Here’s what it looks like now!

photo 2 (1)

I’d say it’s a marked improvement. Wouldn’t you?

Now, I just need to finish power washing the rest of the house, power wash the driveway, pull weeds, general lawn care, fix a tub drain, repair a facet leak, replace two light fixtures, pack the rest of my belongings that will stay and go, take a Latin quiz, pass my Latin comps, and say our goodbyes.

Things to look forward to, and in no particular order,:

  • Seeing the country. Though I have been out of the country (Germany and France), I haven’t gone further west than Chicago. (I have been to the Grand Canyon before as a child, but I vaguely remember it, so I don’t think it counts.).
  • Rainy days.
  • Bicycling to work.
  • Losing weight because I’m bicycling to work.
  • Good food.
  • Working alongside a highly qualified and talented group of interns.
  • Working with Dr. Runge on 1 Thessalonians
  • Driving cross country with my wife, a baby, and two dogs in the car
  • Seeing Dustin Crowe (college room mate)
  • Seeing Kyle Talbot (college room mate)
  • Watching a Mariners Braves game in Seattle
  • Visiting a ton of parks

And the list could just keep going!

Keep us in your prayers as we pack, move, settle in, and as I get to have an adult summer camp for language nerds that I don’t have to pay to attend…in fact I get paid to attend.

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8 Responses to Two and a Half Weeks and Counting

  1. We are looking forward to walking/biking to work as well. Excited to be living in a pedestrian-friendly city!

  2. jacobcerone says:

    When will you guys leave for bham?

  3. jdhomie says:

    If you want to meet another interesting person in Bellingham, I have a good friend who you might like. He is a student of philosophy at WWU, an Evangelical-turned-Catholic and overall man of great faith.

    Also, living in the SF Bay Area, I am dropping my jaw that any graduate student can own a house.

    • jacobcerone says:

      Wouldn’t mind another person to meet up with. Housing isn’t as expensive in NC as San Fran. Also, my wife is a programmer, so that helps 🙂 Who says patronage isn’t alive and well today…more like matronage…or some such thing

  4. jdhomie says:

    Great! I just sent you a request on facebook; that would be the easiest way to link you two. Always great for an academic to have a spouse with a stable, well-paying job. And that you are enough of a Real Man to be okay with your wife as the breadwinner, lol.

  5. Clifford Kvidahl says:

    If you want to go to a Braves vs. Mariners game, let me know! I would love to as well, being a Braves fan and all.

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