Dr. Punch on the PA

Dr. Punch’s lecture is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Context
  2. Grammar and Syntax
  3. External Evidence (textual and patristic)

In the context section, Dr. Punch makes a number of connections within the overall context of John demonstrating that the content of the PA is altogether consistent with the book’s immediate context. The immediately context is concerned with the interpretation of the law, Jesus’s act of writing on the ground with his finger alludes to Moses’ reception of the law where God wrote with his finger, etc.

Concerning the Grammar and Syntax, Dr. Punch observers that there are both non-Johannine terms and features as well as features that are distinctively Johannine. For instance, the use of the κάτα prefix is not used often within John. The PA, however is  filled with the prefix. Dr. Punch argues, however, that the addition of the prefix in a context that is specifically concerned with judgment (κρίνω) may heighten the intensity of each term. Punch highlights John’s distinctive use of διδάσκαλε, Moses imagery, the vocative γύναι, μηκέτι ἁμαρτανε, λιτθάζω, λίθος, and the Johannine aside. All of these distinctive elements are included within the PA.

Finally, regarding the Patristic evidence, Punch cites Papias, The Infancy Gospel of JamesDidascilla Apostolorum, Didymus the Blind, Jerome, Ambrose, Augustine, etc. as evidence of the early knowledge of the story and support for its originality.

Now for the Q&A section.


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