Cerone Workday

Today the Cerones have been hard at work. I started the morning off by packing up a dozen boxes and breaking down a desk. Then I was off to pick up paint from friends and from Home Depot. Then back home to start on the redecorating. We sanded the walls, repaired holes in the walls, sanded again, and started painting.

Here is a picture of what the walls downstairs used to look like.

163640_883519996799_2182270_nMary Beth picked that color when we first moved out of the house. I was skeptical about it at first, but it made the house look warm and inviting. In order to get a renter in the place, however, we needed to move toward something a bit more neutral. Here is what it looks like now (after the first coat of paint and with new blinds).

photo 1 photo 2I know the lighting is bad. It’s late at night and I didn’t have the flash on my camera. In case you’re wondering, the color is antique white.

Tomorrow will be another day of work. We are hoping to finish the kitchen, living room, and hallway. That will only leave the bedrooms!


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