Weekend Update

I took this weekend off from paper writing in order to travel up to Baltimore. Destination? St. Mary’s Seminary for the Eastern Regional ETS meeting. I travelled up and stayed with Nigusse and Dr. Black. I thought I might give you all a picture account of the weekend.

We started the trip off with brunch at IHOP.

IMG_1222Once we got to the hotel, I started reviewing my material for the presentation.

IMG_1225Later that evening, we went out for Ethiopian food. There is no better food on this planet.


Here’s a shot of the gang all together after the meal.


Here we are at St. Mary’s Seminary. The campus was built in the late 1700s. To say that the venue was gorgeous would indeed be an understatement.


The best session from Friday was given by Wesley Davey. He addressed non-violent interpretations of the book of Revelation.


That evening Nigusse, Dr. Black, Dr. Sanders, and Dr. Hudgins all went out for Korean food. The food was amazing, as was the company.

IMG_4449Saturday morning came around, and I gave my presentation on The Use of γράφω and Its Compounds in Eusebius. Note for future presentations: when the topic relates to the authorship of Hebrews, find a way to work that into the title. It might draw a larger crowd 😛

IMG_1276Finally, we stopped by the Air and Space museum on the way home. Fascinating WWII planes. This plane was used in inclement weather. German subs that couldn’t find their targets would assemble it in 3 minutes, send a man up, and he would be tethered to the sub. This would enable him to get a good visual of his surroundings. Problem was, it gave away their position.


Ever since I arrived home, I’ve been hanging out with the family and getting the house in shape for renters over the summer. Today I sanded, caulked, and painted all the trim, windowsills, and interior doors in the kitchen and living room. I also got the door to the pantry room, master bedroom, and laundry room painted.

All in all, it has been a very productive and exhausting weekend.

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3 Responses to Weekend Update

  1. jdhomie says:

    I am glad you enjoyed your weekend, Jacob! Congrats on the talk. Did you get interesting Q&A?

    Also, you might consider putting some of your key findings on Eusebius into a blog post and submit to my ancient languages blog carnival. Just a hint.

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