QOTD: Spurgeon on Humility

I came across this quote while preparing for my sermon tonight on Micah 6:1-8.

Do you now account yourself to be a very experienced Christian, quite a useful member of the church, an ornament to society, a person considerably looked up to, and well worthy of a large measure of respect?

It would be very improper to put you in a back seat, or invite you to take a lower room, for are you not a prince in Israel? Among those who might be counted as pillars, you feel that you must be mentioned. But have a care what you are at! It is very easy to feel great. It is by no means an eminently difficult thing to be exalted; I have reached that point myself without great effort, and I take no credit, but much shame for it. A sense of rising to be somebody is not a sign of health, it is a token of the reverse sometimes, and may be the forerunner of most solemn catastrophes. Puffing up may mean bloating and swelling with deadly humours, therefore beware of it.

Charles Spurgeon

Walking Humbly with God

Let us always remember Christ’s words, “the first shall be last, and the last shall be first.” Let us be eager to take the back seat, allowing Christ to be our portion and not the praise of men. This is message is neither easy to hear nor easy to implement. But if we seek his grace and strive to walk humbly before him, we will find it to be a little thing to consider others better than ourselves.

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