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Unrealistic Resolution #1

My goal is to have all these books read and reviewed (or discussed on the blog) before the beginning of the new semester. Be on alert for a blaze of productivity . . . .

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QOTD: Theodore of Mopsuestia

There are therefore two things that contribute to a person’s attaining beatitude: correct views on doctrine, for the purpose of having a dutiful and upright attitude toward God, and a disciplined moral upbringing, for living in an honorable and sound … Continue reading

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On Memorizing Philippians

As some of you know, I have taken up the task of memorizing Philippians. Here are some reflections on my approach and some of the results. Approach I try and dedicate at least 30 mins of concerted effort a day … Continue reading

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What Happens When Dad Studies the OT?

Yesterday, Mary Beth and I went to Goodwill to pick up some books for baby Elijah. We came across The Story of Jonah: An Alice in Bibleland Storybook.  Of course, yours truly read through the story before buying. I wasn’t surprised … Continue reading

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Memorizing Greek Philippians

About a month ago, one of my Greek Grammar students asked me about memorizing scripture. He asked if I memorized scripture in Greek and Hebrew, or an English translation. Much to his disappointment, and mine for that matter, I answered, … Continue reading

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A Hearty Thank You

Yesterday was my birthday. One of Mary Beth’s gifts to me was a new, birch, floor-to-ceiling bookcase (92″ x 42″ x 12″). It is gorgeous. As I loaded the shelves with the books I have downstairs, a rather pithy thought … Continue reading

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Biblical Words and Their Meanings

For those interested in Semantics of New Testament Greek, there are three works with which you should be familiar: James Barr’s Semantics of Biblical Language, J.P. Louw’s Semantics of New Testament Greek, and Silva’s Biblical Words and Their Meanings. Lucky for you, Silva’s book … Continue reading

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