Becky Black

Last night I was at Becky Black’s visitation. The entire time I was there I couldn’t help but reflect on what I knew of her and how she lived as a humble and godly example of a life lived out for Christ. The words of Chrysostom, which I came across earlier in the week, would not escape me.

For it is not possible to obtain glory by any other way, except fleeing from glory. For while we pursue it, it flees from us. When we flee from it, it follows us. If you want to be glorious, do not covet glory. If you wish to be high, do not make yourself high. All honor those who are not seeking honor. They despise, however, the ambitious man. For the human race is found of contention and stubbornness.

Let us therefore despise glory. For thus we are able to be humble, or be exalted. Do not desire to lift yourself up, that you might be exalted by another. He that exalts himself, is not exalted by others. Great is the evil of pride.

These words could not be more true of what I know of the life of Becky Black. Though she only sought the glory of her God and King, she will forever be remembered for the great deeds she did in His service. Paul says that the Thessalonians became imitators of the Lord and of him so much so that they became an example to all who believe in Macedonia and Achaia (1 Thess 1:1-10). In a similar manner, Becky has imitated her Lord and has become and example for us to follow. Praise God for a life well lived.

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  1. TWH says:

    Amen, brother! What a precious sister in the Lord. It was so nice to see you Saturday and Sunday. Keep up all your hard work.

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