QOTD: Neal Windham

On the one hand, it is easy to appreciate the New Testament in its various English renderings. We have grown up with its favored words. Its message seems clear. Commentaries based on the English text and designed to help us understand it abound.

But the raw ingredients of English translations are not the same as those of the Greek New Testament ….

So it is that we study Greek because we are concerned with knowing precisely what the text is saying. We are not satisfied with complete dependence upon sometimes controversial English translations. We want to work with the “raw ingredients,” really know what w’ere talking about, fully understand our options, and present our conclusions with confidence.

– Neal Windham New Testament Greek for Preachers and Teachers (5-6).

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3 Responses to QOTD: Neal Windham

    • jacobcerone says:

      I’m already seeing why. I will have a review of it up in a day or two. Also, I have another great quote to share:

      “It is not a surprise then that Greek is less and less a factor in certain ministerial degree programs. Eighteen years ago Earl Ellis pinpointed the problem when he wrote, “American higher education tends to be ‘higher’ in name than in fact. In a climate where ‘everyone has a right to a college degree,’ it is understandable that the more demanding disciplines … would be the first to be fudged or sacrificed.” Ellis further cited “the pragmatic temper of American education” as a leading contributor to the demise of the formal study of Greek in seminaries. Today, the merits of Greek studies are still being debated in Bible colleges and seminaries, often when schools need to make room for additional courses in other areas. What are we to make of this? (p.7)”

  1. Dave Black says:

    Yep. Give them the tools. All else is icing on the cake.

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