New Office




I know that it looks the same as before, but it has changed locations. My office is now upstairs in the loft. I have spent the last two days cleaning, boxing up books that I am unlikely to use, cataloging the packed books so that they can be found on off-chance they are needed, and moving desk, bookcases and books upstairs. I kinda like it up here. It feels like college all over again. I have my mini fridge filled with Mountain Dew Pitch Black and I am surrounded by books. Also, there is a lot more space…not so much like college.

I still have to pick up the odds and ends that are left in the old office. But for now, I have my desk back, a clean room, and caffeine. It’s time to get a reading. Here’s some of the “light” reading I will be doing over the “break.”


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2 Responses to New Office

  1. We are those who do not know what “break” means.

  2. Break means shifting gears ;). Nice office! Still enough space for game nights too!

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