End of the Semester

The time has finally come. The semester has ended. The last paper had been written. The last final has been submitted. I’m not sure how I feel right now. Was it the year I took off from school that made paper writing an arduous task this semester, was it the fact that I am compose 10-15 pages of research material each week for my job, or was it the knowledge that I was writing a paper for a class that wouldn’t count towards my degree requirements? Or maybe all three. Or maybe it was the fact that I am a bit too disorganized?

Cluttered DeskNow that my work is completed, I can breath a bit more in my office.

Finished Semester

One final task remains: a two hour round trip trek up to the seminary to submit my paper and return this stack of books.

Book Stack

What’s next, you ask? Well, while I am up at the seminary, I will be checking out books on Greek Grammar and Ezekiel. It is time to start preparing for the next semester. I have two great classes lined up: Advanced Greek Grammar and a Seminar on Ezekiel. I’m already chomping at the bit.

In my free time I will be relocating my office, finishing the remodel work on the pantry, and setting up a nursery.

[[I almost forgot…I doubt any of you will take the time to read a 20 page paper, but if the interpretive practices of Justin Martyr applied to the Old Testament interests you, I have attached the document in pdf here.]]

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2 Responses to End of the Semester

  1. bowdenblog says:

    Always a good feeling to finish a semester and finally have the time to clean off the desk

  2. Next time keep the books and layer them with lights. No need for Christmas tree

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