We Have a Winner

Thanks to Scott Hess for entering the contest and winning. Scott got 9/10 of the translations correct. Here are the original questions.

1) ζηθι מנ

2) βαβα βα βα βααα εγω ειμι αγαπησας αυτον

3) εστιν ΒΩ καιρος

4) φαγετε μαλλον ορνιν

5) εχετε αυτον ὁδον σου

6) ὁ δακτυλος ὁ επιλειχος ὁ καλος

7) ὑποοδον, φαγετε γλυκυς

8) συναγαγετε περι καλον λογον

9) ερχεσθε νειστεις, απερχεσθε μακαριος

Scott’s answers were:

2. Baba ba ba baaa I’m loving it
3. It’s BO time
4. Eat more chicken
5. Have it your way
6. Finger licking good
7. Subway, eat fresh?
8. Gather around the good stuff?
9. Come hungry, leave happy

The only one he missed was number one…which is…”Live Mas.” Thanks to Mary Beth for suggesting I used Greek and Hebrew to represent the English and Spanish “Live Mas.”

Scott, I will get the book to you asap!

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