Ein Samstag mit Meine Frau

Today was one of those days that teetered on a knife’s edge.  Mary Beth took Jazz to obedient school and I…well…I played a couple of mock rounds of my new board game, A Game of Thrones, while catching up on a t.v. show.  Though this was enjoyable, the day could have easily become a day full of lazy, unproductive, television gluttony.  Mary Beth came home, I stayed upstairs watching t.v. until my conscience got the better of me.  After an hour or two of watching t.v. with Mary Beth, we were both determined to get out of the house and make something of the day.

So, we decided to take a trip down memory lane.  We popped into our favorite used book store off Hillsborough Street, A Reader’s Corner, where I picked up Bishop Spong’s book, Why Christianity Must Change or Die. Some of you might argue that watching t.v. would have been a better move.  Nevertheless, I find it to be a healthy and enlightening experience to reach outside my own slice of Christendom and discover what others are saying.  [The next time I feel it necessary to sojourn outside my camp, someone remind me to find an author that is less concerned with a cute or provocative turn of phrase and more concerned with an intellectually rigorous presentation of his viewpoint. ]

As we departed from A Reader’s Corner, we made our way to a favorite coffee shop, the Royal Bean.  Mary Beth and I studied German for a couple of hours and read.  It was as if we were transported back to the days when we were in college and engaged.

Much to our surprise and delight, Royal Bean was having a live music night.  We were treated to the music of Emily Pate.  Here is a sample of what she has to offer.

We wrapped the night up with a viewing of “Money Ball.”  Baseball is one of my guilty pleasures in life and I am happy to say that Mary Beth has started to warm up to the sport.

Today was a day well spent with meine Frau.  What else can I say about today other than,  “Ich leibe meine Frau.”

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