Weekend Warrior DIY project

As you can tell, I don’t like going to the mechanic. And why should I? All this work would have cost me $300…with parts and 2 hours of my time…only $75.

The cooling system has been removed (fluid drained, hoses removed, thermostat out)


Upper radiator hose and thermostat housing.

Here’s the thermostat housing and a bucket full of old coolant.

All the new parts and fluids to complete an oil change, thermostat replacement, change the upper and lower radiator hoses, and flush the coolant system.

Everything back in its appropriate place.

Time to refill the coolant system.

The sad thing is…sometimes I need to take it to the mechanic because I can’t replace bushings, press in the bearings, fix an oil leak, replace the timing belt, water pump, and the catalytic converter.

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