Jazz: Her Bone and Housebreaking

Today I have observed two hilarious habits of the newest addition to our non-people family.

First, I have been trying to consistently reward Jazz with praise and affection for “potty-ing” outside.  Now, after “doing her business” she stays in the same position, making sure I know she was being good, and waits for me to say, “good girl, good potty.”  Immediately she darts to me, rolls over, and receives her reward; a good hearty back and belly rub.

Second, Jazz loves her bone.  As it happens, it is a point of contention between our two dogs.  If Tölpel has possession of the bone, she will bide her time until he has an irresistible itch.  Striking like a sneaky snake, she takes her newly obtained prize to “her territory.”

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