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Biblical Greek Exegesis: A Graded Approach to Learning Intermediate and Advanced Greek: A Review

George H. Guthrie and J. Scott Duvall, Biblical Greek Exegesis, (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1998); 173p, $24.99. Sensing an inherent flaw in the traditional pedagogical approach to second year biblical Greek studies, Guthrie and Duvall seek to provide professors and students with … Continue reading

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Neal Windham’s New Testament Greek for Preachers and Teachers: A Review

You have learned some basics about New Testament Greek either out of desire or compulsion (a degree requirement). Now what? How does the Greek student apply that knowledge to his lesson/sermon? Neal Windham’s New Testament Greek for Preachers and Teachers … Continue reading

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What Makes a Good Class: The Trifecta

When I began my studies at Southeastern, there was a vague notion lingering in the back of my mind that one day I would like to teach in the college, seminary, or university. This notion drove me to begin evaluating … Continue reading

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End of the Semester

The time has finally come. The semester has ended. The last paper had been written. The last final has been submitted. I’m not sure how I feel right now. Was it the year I took off from school that made … Continue reading

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The Church Fathers

This semester’s class The Pre-Reformation Interpretation of the Old Testament has reminded me of a former passion, the writings of the early church. This passion first appeared in Historical Theology I with Dr. Quiggle. More than any other professor at Moody, … Continue reading

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SBL Chicago in Hindsight: A Student’s Perspective

SBL Chicago was quite the experience. I was able to go back to the city where it all started. In 2004 I set out from my parent’s home in North Carolina in order to attend Moody Bible Institute. At the … Continue reading

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Mystery Exegesis and the Meaning of Prophetic Scripture in Justin

T.J. Lang, a doctoral candidate next door at Duke University, presented his findings on Justin Martyr’s exegetical foundations in his Dialogue with Trypho. Lang’s presentation was concise and insightful. The crux of the presentation was what distinguished a distinctly Christian reading … Continue reading

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