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Jesus, the Insurrectionist?

There are three elements within Luke 23 that I have always understood independently, but never put together as a coherent whole until today. In 23:2, Luke narrates Jesus’ appearance before Pilate wherein the Jewish leaders claim, “We found this one misleading our … Continue reading

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Starting Anew

It’s time. It’s time for a new Bible. I’ve had my ESV since 2004. I bought it when I was a Freshman at Moody Bible Institute. It has been a constant companion since. Over the years, the daily wear and … Continue reading

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Syntax, Exegesis, or Both?

I want to begin this post by saying that I would like feedback, and lots of it! Over the past number of years I have taught Greek and Hebrew in the context of the local church. Here is a brief … Continue reading

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The Case for the Psalms: A Review

N.T. Wright’s A Case for the Psalms: Why They Are Essential is a quick and pleasant read. Atypical of books written by scholars on  the Psalms, Wright does not spend time digging into the intricacies of Hebrew poetry, the nature of … Continue reading

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What Do Sailhamer and Theophilus Have in Common?

John Sailhamer is a familiar name around the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary campus. Even after he left for Golden Gate Seminary ~7 years ago, his thought left an indelible imprint on the student body. That is not to say that all … Continue reading

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The Discourse Boundaries of Jonah 2

[Two days ago I posted on the discourse structure of Septuagint Jonah chapters 1 and three (they are parallel). This post continues my work through outlining the macrostructure of LXX Jonah by providing justification for Jonah 2:1-11 as a unit] … Continue reading

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April Carnival

It’s time for another carnival. Though it is a meager one, I hope that you will get your fill of fun and revelry. Hermeneutics Matt Emerson has an excellent series on the various methods of biblical exegesis. Emerson provides a … Continue reading

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