Greek Advice Needed

I need help diagramming this text. No really…I have been at it for hours and can’t make a decision.

So, for you Greek scholars, diagram these verses for me, “τη γαρ χαριτι εστε σεσωσμενοι δια πιστεως, και τουτο ουκ εξ υμων, θεου το δωρον. ουκ εξ εργων, ινα μη τις καυχησηται.” I am hung up on two particular issues.

1) What is the antecedent for και τουτο?

2) Does και τουτο ουκ εξ υμων serve as a heading for sub-points θεου το δωρον and ουκ εξ εργων with ινα μη τις καυχησηται dependent on και τουτο ουκ εξ υμων?

Thoughts? And when you respond, please show your work. I don’t care for your answers without your reasoning.  And as Mary Beth says, “No partial credit will be allotted!”

Hugs and kisses, Jacob.

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